A Custom Ferrari Decked Out in Denim

Celebrities take great pains when it comes to customizing their luxury cars, like Kim Kardashian’s chic Rolls Royce Ghost or Paris Hilton’s ghastly bubble-gum Bentley.  And now, ladies & gents…I bestow upon you…the denim Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano of Lapo Elkann.  The shocker:  Elkann’s SECOND customized denim Ferrari is a new Ferrari California with a denim interior!  Two Ferraris, one fashion fate.

Could you see yourself rolling in a denim Ferrari rental Chicago?  It is a bizarre exotic car, indeed!

 Elkann Ferrari 599 Denim

Elkann’s Ferrari 599

Elkann Ferrari 599 Denim

The denim interior of Elkann’s Ferrari 599

Elkann is the grandson of the late billionaire industrialist and Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, and apparently has an affinity for a good pair of jeans (which makes sense when you consider his unique and often-mentioned take on fashion).  The notorious international playboy ordered up the custom Ferrari 599 in a two-tone baby blue exterior with a shocking denim interior.  Elkann amazed the world further when he recently recreated his passion with a new Ferrari California, also sporting the stylish duds.

Elkann Ferrari California Denim

Elkann’s new Ferrari California with denim

Elkann Ferrari California Denim

Elkann’s Ferrari California denim interior

And we all thought Jay Leno was the king of acid-washed denim!  Is this a nod to the AMC Gremlin X Levi’s Edition?  I doubt it, though both evoke the very same gag-reflex! You may feel differently, is there something special about this denim-drenched Ferrari?  Comment below!


LapoElkann sporting his Jay Leno-style denim!

Jay Leno

Uh-oh! Did someone call the demin fashion police on Jay Leno? Just kidding, Jay! You know we are your biggest fans!


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