Decepticon Maserati Resembling Patrol Car Catches Charges

Check out this customized Maserati that has recently captured headlines and a spot on the court docket. It is a Decepticon Maserati decorated like the character “Barricade” in the hit film “Transformers”. While few would argue against its awesomeness, the driver is now facing charges of impersonating a police officer. The 2010 Maserati GranTurismo was not speeding or in violation of any traffic laws.

Decepticon Maserati

Transformers has been an icon in the lives of many children, and now it has enraptured a new generation of followers. Beings from outer space capable of folding into vehicles? What is not to obsess over? 

Decepticon MaseratiThis is the Maserati in question. 

The owner of the Decepticon Maserati has not been identified by name. He is in his 20s and a fan of Transformers. His lawyer, Russell Matson, claims the case is borderline comical. Matson maintains that his client never pretended to be a cop, which is what impersonating would imply, and that the bespoke paint job is simply a nod to the Transformers movie. The vehicle was dipped and then stickers were added that read “Decepticons punish and enslave”, where the police cruisers would typically read “Serve and protect”. Perhaps the officers had never seen the film and felt offended?

One article said that the young driver told the police officer that people slow down when they see him, so it could be considered assisting officers. That comment could well be his undoing if the magistrate decides it shows that others do think it is a police officer.

Decepticon Maserati

So why would an officer decide to slap charges on such a unique car? The incident occurred on August 9th, 2014 when Braintree (how ironic) officers pulled the car over. The car had been dipped like Barricade for a few weeks prior to the incident, and the driver never planned to leave the look permanently. Calls later placed to Braintree Police Chief Russell Jenkins for comment were left unanswered.  The case went before the magistrate at Quincy District Court yesterday. It is not known if the case has been tossed out or will be pursued.

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