Delta VIP Select Has A Secret Paparazzi Proof Tunnel and Offers Porsche Shuttle

Laying low in Los Angeles as a celebrity can be more than a challenge—it can be impossible. Factor in the constant travel demands of being a star, and the LAX airport seems more like trap than a convenience. For these reasons, Delta Airlines has created a special VIP service at LAX called ‘Delta VIP Select’ to assist celebrities with a secret tunnel to shield them from cameras and prying eyes, and also a nifty Porsche shuttle service.

 Delta VIP Select

The Delta VIP Select service is not advertised, but is available upon request to the airline’s clients for a surprisingly small fee of $350 (more for additional services). Aside from the privacy, the coolest perk of the service is that a Porsche hybrid greets clients at the tarmac. The fleet includes the Porsche Panamera or the Cayenne SUV models, depending on the amount of luggage involved. Once in the car, the passengers are whisked off to the secret gate and then through the tunnel where their personal driver then meets them.

 Delta VIP Select

Inside the Sky Club at LAX. It is about as fancy as it gets in an airport!

But what if the client is heading out from LAX rather than arriving? The $220 million dollar Delta VIP Select certainly thought of that scenario. Outgoing passengers simply enter the curbside VIP Delta One lounge, a discreet area with frosted glass, where they can check their bags in private. From the lounge, passengers escape to a private corridor leading directly to the premium security line where their assigned handler escorts them to the Sky Club. For those not in the know, the Sky Club features supreme creature comforts like a full bar and a private shower suite. It is a place where just making eye contact will get you service.

 Delta VIP SelectOverall, it seems that celebrity travel in star-studded Los Angeles is finally going to be a bit less stressful and that there will be some irritated photogs out there missing a few airport paychecks.

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