DeltaWing Gearing Up To Spread Improved Fuel Economy Tactics?

It is quite common for a new vehicle to boast about power and fuel economy figures, it is not so typical, however, for a company to attempt to share the wealth of information with competitors in efforts to spread the trend. It seems that the DeltaWing concept is taking the initiative to lighten the load on the planet–recommending lighter weight vehicles and sharing ways to achieve better fuel economy both on and off the track.


The DeltaWing concept first emerged back in 2010 as a potential replacement for the Indy car chassis. It was developed for racing, so it is obviously insanely lightweight. Over the past few years, the concept found its niche in endurance racing, competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other feats. In an unusual maneuver, they opted to tweak out a road version of the DeltaWing, perhaps just to see what could be achieved. The street DeltaWing concept has traditional doors, a windscreen and even packs in 4 seats. Key areas like power to weight ratio, drag coefficient and aerodynamics were considered and reconsidered to return an impressive EPA-rated fuel economy of nearly 74 miles per gallon highway, with a combined rating of 57 miles per gallon. This information is made even more important with the upcoming regulations taking effect in 2025 forcing all vehicles to meet the 54.5 mile per gallon mark.


Rather than hoard the findings and benefits, the company is using its success to help other carmakers meet the same EPA figures through education and experimentation.

In the end, DeltaWing does not even intend to produce a line of street cars. It is gearing up to team up with interested automakers to share its vision and knowledge. That means they want to be hired by automakers to help create the future of the automobile, a more environmentally sound road without sacrificing the power we all love.

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