Man’s Best Friend Loses Title After Chewing on Aston Martin

A testy dog in England found itself re-homed after it made the poor decision to spend the day gnawing on its owners $130,000 Aston Martin. Close your eyes for a moment and picture what it must have felt like to return home from a long day’s work to discover the photo below!

dog chews Aston Martin Just look at the aftermath of an encounter between an Aston Martin parked innocently in its garage and the home’s 4-year-old dog! While the outcome could have been worse for both dog and car, both are in a better place now. 

The culprit’s name was Luce, a four-year-old Border collie and Spaniel mix with an appetite for destruction. The incident occurred in Somerset, England, where quality exotic sports cars are more on the common side. A dog chewing a hole in the likes of an Aston Martin, however, is far from commonplace and earned the family more than a few headlines!

dog chews Aston Martin

When asked about the incident, owner Royston Grimstead was grim on the matter. He said that he had already been searching for a new home for Luce, because she was experiencing a bit of difficulty forming hospitable relations with the other dogs in the home. Did Luce perhaps vent her frustrations on the British sports car rather than duking it out with the other K9s of the house? Grimstead also shared that Luce had never previously chewed on anything, making the Aston Martin a supreme shocker for the family.

dog chews Aston Martin

Meet Luce, her interests include long walks in the park and pricey exotic sports car snacks.

In the end, Grimstead’s insurance policy has agreed to cover the doggy damage and Luce now lives in a home where she is hopefully less agitated and prone to attacking automobiles. This certainly trumps the old “The dog ate my homework” story!


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