Ferrari SP FFX: The Next Ferrari Special Projects Program Ride is Sharp

The Ferrari Special Projects Program is an elite section that rather enjoys a good tease. A good example of this is the Ferrari SP FFX, a one-off Horse that blends both contemporary brand design and a splash of F1.

Ferrari Special Projects

The Ferrari SP FFX 

Check out the in-your-face white detailing against the classic red of the Ferrari SP FFX. This photo has emerged to give the world a sneak preview of this special edition Ferrari, with other details under close wraps. All that is known at this point in the road is that a customer in Japan commissioned the car, it is dubbed the SP FFX and it looks spectacular.

Ferrari Special Projects

Ferrari 612 GTS Pavesi

A Special Projects Program Ferrari is an elite and exclusive creature, with just a few in existence. Some of the Special Projects cars include:

  • The Superamerica 45. This vision in blue is based on the 599 and was commissioned by New York collector Peter Kalikow.
  • The Ferrari SP1. Based on the popular Ferrari F430, this one is owned by Junichiro Hiramatsu.
  • The Ferrari SP12 EC commissioned by singer Eric Clapton.
  • The Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta. This beauty was ordered by Edward Wilson (you may have heard of his father, who invented cable television). It was heavily inspired by the film “Toby Dammit”, some say.
  • The Ferrari 612 GTS Pavesi. This one is based on the gorgeous Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and goes way heavy on the carbon fiber. Owner unknown, though Pavesi is the name of a prominent Italian go-kart maker.
  • The SP Arya. Commissioned by businessman Cheerag Arya, this one-off boasts design cues from pretty much every Ferrari ever created.

Ferrari Special Projects

The Superamerica 45 Special Projects car

As far as powertrain, the Ferrari SP FFX is expected to house a 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 producing around 560 Prancing Horses. That is just a guess until the official specs are released, however.

Ferrari Special Projects

Eric Clapton in his bespoke Ferrari Special Projects car

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