Don’t Lower Your Standards Following an Accident—Demand a Luxury Rental Car Replacement

Auto accidents unfortunately occur, and if you are found not at fault, then why should you be forced to lower your auto standards with a standard car rental replacement? If you drive a luxury car like a Mercedes or BMW, shouldn’t you receive a luxury rental car replacement of equal value to your own car?

You certainly do not want to roll around in a Hyundai while you wait for your wheels to be repaired or replaced, so why not work with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to secure a rental replacement that is comparable in status to your luxury car? An exotic car crash should result in an exotic rental car replacement.

Mercedes SL550 rental

Mercedes SL550 rental

Insurance companies are generally quick to offer a solution that works best for them, and that could include an unacceptable replacement rental car that costs them very little and may be embarrassing for you to drive.

Hyundai Accent standard car

You do not want to repeatedly have to explain your temporary set of wheels…

You may be surprised at what a quick conversation can do for your cause, wherein you explain to the insurance company that you expect and deserve a replacement luxury rental car similar to your current car. You cannot very well arrive to the office in a Ford Focus when you usually park your shiny BMW out front, can you? Appearances are important, especially when it comes to business. Just turn on the charm and sometimes people are more enjoyable to deal with.

BMW M3 rental

Wouldn’t this BMW rental be a bit more acceptable if you currently drive a BMW?

This tactic is not a guarantee that you will receive the luxury rental car replacement that you deserve, it is just advice that it never hurts to make the request.  Most companies will do the right thing, but some may not be so cooperative!

Cadillac Escalade rental

Cadillac Escalade rental




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