WTF: Should a Lamborghini Ever be Brown?

Brown Lamborghini

It is a brown Lamborghini, not to be confused with Chris Brown’s Lamborghini!

Hypercars like Lamborghini brand are made to stand out, and typically can be found in an array of hues like yellow, red, orange, white and more…but brown? Perhaps the owner was concerned that this bizarre exotic car would not stand out unless it was of an unusual color. Brown just is not an attractive color for a vehicle, even a Lamborghini Murcielago cannot pull it off!

Brown Lamborghini

This brown Lamborghini stands out

This brown Lambo began with a pearl white exterior, but Cats Exotics (the owner), opted to match it to their Diablo 6.0 SE, which is also brown. A matte brown wrap was specially crafted for the car and the look was finished off with gold wheels. Well, I suppose silver wheels would have looked even worse….my eyes hurt.

It is a hot car, and definitely stands out in the unique department. I do not think it will serve as camouflage on the road, they will still stand out enough to get a ticket! What do you think of the matte brown wrapped Lamborghini? Comment below!

Gold rim

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