Driving the Ferrari California Turbo Is it stick?

Ferrari California Turbo How to drive a paddle shift car

Have you ever wanted to drive the Ferrari California Turbo!? But then you wonder, is it stick? Many people struggle with the idea of a manual transmission. Some people are able to drive a manual transmission, but they are nervous having to do so on a $200k Ferrari! No need to fear however, because Ferrari has equipped the Ferrari California Turbo with a paddle shift controller for its transmission.

How does a paddle shift transmission work actually? While the internal components are complicated, the experience of driving a Ferrari California Turbo with paddle shift is actually very easy! There is no clutch pedal, there is no need to shift the car yourself (unless you want to), and the experience is very similar to driving an automatic transmission. Sound boring? Simply turn off the automatic shifting option and grab a paddle to change gears up and down whenever you desire. The beauty of the paddle shift transmission is that you can decide if you want to drive an automatic or not, and you can change your mind at any time.

Still confused about how this all works? Don’t worry, we made a video to help you understand it all a bit better. Ride along with Tom in our Ferrari California Turbo and he will show you the exact operation of this supercar.

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