Fashion Focus: Ferrari Inspired and Approved Tod’s Driving Shoes

It is Monday, so why not ring in the week with a bit of a fashion forum? These Tod’s driving shoes have been designed to enhance driving pleasure and apparently given Ferrari’s hard-earned stamp of approval. They drive home the essence of the classic gentleman’s driving shoe while treading lightly on the sporty side.

driving shoes

Some of Tod’s driving shoes have been given Ferrari’s approval. The Tod’s for Ferrari line features hand stitching and a sweet little Prancing Horse emblem. It was crafted in honor of Ferrari’s 60th birthday in the United States. 

The popular shoemaker became inspired to create a driving shoe fit to celebrate the Prancing Horse’s 60th birthday Stateside. They are intended to resemble the stitching of a Ferrari seat. Though I see the direction, I am not certain looking at a shoe would draw the sporty racing style seat of a supercar to mind. For those who may not know, Tod’s is known for their quality moccasins–the most popular being the Gommino. This pair, along with about 14 others, is being billed as automotive-minded footwear.

driving shoesWant some in a racy Ferrari red? They have that, too. 

On a humorous note, I recently read a testimony by a pro driver who swears that Converse Chuck Taylors made him a faster driver. He had scoffed at some Germans wearing them, and they persuaded him to the point of purchase. He put the shoes into the dryer as directed by the drivers, and wore them immediately for a few hours after to heat-mold them to his feet. It was an interesting bit to read because each driver seems to have his or her own preferred style of shoe.

driving shoesPricing for the Ferrari inspired moccasins is around the $600 dollar marker, in the same range as driving shoe offerings by Bottega and other upscale brands. The collection will be limited-edition–with the top pair only available at the Tod’s Beverly Hills location and the remainder online.

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