Video: What is a McLaren P1 Doing at Ferrari’s Test Track?

The Ferrari brand is known for its fiercely aggressive approach to the sport of competition. That is why a McLaren P1 spotted putting around Ferrari’s private Fiorano track attracted much attention. What is a competitor doing prancing around the Horse’s playground?

The McLaren P1 supercar is competition. Watch it visit the Ferrari Fiorano private testing track in the short clip above.

While some are simply shocked that Ferrari would allow the competition time on their private track, the move is actually genius. Think about it: What better way to scope out what the McLaren P1 is capable of than to invite it over to play? It is like the old saying goes, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!”

McLaren P1The Ferrari Fiorano testing track is agile and impressive–who wouldn’t want to come over and play?

The McLaren on the Ferrari track is reportedly a privately owned car and the owner wanted to open her up and frolic a bit, naturally. The driver did not appear to be pushing for any records, and it is not likely that Ferrari will release the McLaren’s best times on their track to the public. The private P1 in question is a product of the McLaren Special Operations department with a plethora of bespoke options. The very same car has been seen with Pagani CEO Horacio Pagani behind the wheel.

Recent Ferrari model times for their very own 1.8-mile Fiorano track are as follows:

  • LaFerrari: 1:20
  • Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: 1:23
  • Ferrari Enzo: 1:25

McLaren P1Overall, the main track to pay attention to in terms of supercar times remains the glorious Nurburgring. At this point, only the Porsche 918 Spyder has been proud enough to verify their exact time there: 6:57.  McLaren has only released that the P1 managed the excruciating track in less than 7 minutes. The only published track time for the LaFerrari is the Fiorano lap.

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