Dude! Big Lebowski Bungalow Hits the Market!

Attention movie buffs, the LA bungalow used in the film ‘The Big Lebowski’ is now available to own! Yes, the Dude’s house has hit the market, I assume sans rug. The Dude must have encountered some financial trouble! That or he has moved on to bigger and better things, and will roll by in his Rolls Royce rental on occaision for old times sake.

Big Lebowski house

The bungalow used in the Big Lebowski

The house is part of a compound of cottages for sale just off Venice Beach, ideal for sipping white Russians and avoiding German nihilists or Tara Reid. There is an ATM nearby, however, in case Reid makes a proposition.

Tara Reid Big Lebowski

Tara Reid in the Big Lebowski

The Dude’s cottage is a one-bedroom and one bath, but the cottages are being sold as a group. Since the debut of The Big Lebowski, there is an annual “Dude Convention” held in LA, so your new house could be the star of the show, especially if you host a bowling tournament and invite John Goodman. The Dude’s banged-up car is luckily not going to come as a package deal.

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman Big Lebowski

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman catapulted the Big Lebowski to hit status

Big Lebowski house for sale

The yard of the Lebowski cottage

The Lebowski rug

All the Dude ever wanted was his rug replaced.

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