Electrolux Brings Homes Into This Century

This is for the ultimate restuarant-goer who wants to grace the kitchen sometimes. Cooking isn’t generally a glamorous affair but thanks to Electrolux your kitchen can, at least, look classier. The end result is a better house to entertain your guests with.

The Aurora is a chic induction cooktop that uses electromagnetic fields to transfer energy into heat. The surface is made of white patterned ceramic glass and the design is so sleek, think Apple Air Mac sleek. The Aurora features LED lighting that glows when in use and easy-to-use touch controls. The best part of the Aurora cooktop by Electrolux is that it’s portable, you can move it around the kitchen for added space and convenience, or a great idea in a dual crossover room.  The Aurora by Electrolux won’t turn you into a stay-at-home chef, the point is your kitchen will look classier, your house more modern and in trend with this century. The Aurora cooktop is $10,000 from Electrolux, think of it as a functional art investment. Electrolux has a plethora of other home appliances with edge, check them out for yourself.