Escalades and Private Jets Make Good Movies!

Recently I watched the movie ‘From Paris With Love’, where John Travolta played a sort of Chuck Norris action hero, as character ‘Charlie Wax’.  What is up with substance words, it forces me to think of Angelina Jolie’s character ‘Salt’.  Back to the film, even with a semi-realistic plot, it was certainly enhanced with the Cadillac Escalade and private jet appearances!

Yes, it was the cliché government ops versus foreign spies and acts of terrorism, but in its defense it had all the fun perks and components we all love (I assume I am not alone).  These included secret surveillance bugs planted in important offices, unexpected spy relationships and covers, and of course, luxury jet charters and Escalade rentals for the badass government undercover dudes.  Those dudes would be Travolta (Wax) and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Reese).

Who would want the stress of a life and death job without a few excesses like luxury cars?  I thought Travolta did a great job in a new type of role for him, but also felt it was a bit overdone, hence the Chuck Norris joke in my opening.  Alas, I am an action movie nerd and car lover, so I was content.  Other celeb cast members include Reese’s hottie girlfriend, the scorching Kasia Smutniak.  Well, you can’t have an action movie with exotic cars without at least one hot chick, it is considered poor form.

Wax plays an agent whose methods are “a bit unorthodox” for new agent Reese’s taste.  But Wax is hailed as the best, and sent specifically to partner up with Reese to correct an intelligence infiltration, and a few surprising twists hold the viewers interest and keep you guessing.  I won’t give away the details in case you haven’t seen it, but the technology and luxury car rentals and jet charters used are awesome.
John Travolta 'From Paris With Love'From Paris With Love Escalade


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