Exotic Car Roast Burns Through $6 Million in Damages

Tucked just below the Place Vendome in Paris lies a parking garage where many kept their prized luxury cars for safekeeping. That sense of security went up in smoke recently when the garage, along with the cars, ignited in flames!

Place Vendome fires

A thick, black plume of smoke coated the air around the parking garage as the cars slowly smoldered inside. Outside, curious onlookers and the owners of the automobiles seemed to form a mourning circle for the supercars inside.

The fire was reportedly started when a Ferrari burst into flames–a possible petrol leak that has not been confirmed. This reminds me of the Ferrari 458 fires, wherein several brand new 458 supercars mysteriously burst into flames, leading to a recall (follow link for full story!).

Place Vendome fires

Last year, all of the cars participating in the Gumball race were parked in the Place Vendome overnight…just imagine if the fire had occurred at that point!

The Paris Ferrari flambé ended with an estimated $6 million USD in damages to the exotic cars and around 40 cars torched. The high number of cars lost is not surprising considering that this is a parking space that is absolutely littered with luxury cars at pretty much any hour of any day!

Place Vendome

I assume the owner of this vehicle is thrilled to have avoided the fire!

Place Vendome fire in Paris

The amount of smoke coating the city was unbelievable

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