What To Do When Your Lamborghini Aventador Breaks Down

What is one to do when their shiny new Lamborghini Aventador breaks down en route to an event? Just imagine taking great pains to ensure a smashing arrival—only to encounter exotic car trouble! This scenario became a stark reality for Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo when his spankin’ new Aventador unexpectedly broke down on his way to a party, forcing him to arrive in a drastically demoted fashion than he had anticipated—in a cab! Ouch!

Ronaldo Lamborghini Aventador tow

Ronaldo is a real hands-on type of guy!

The easy-on-the-eyes Ronaldo was the one to call the cab service, after his assistant contacted mechanics and learned that the Lambo would have to be towed. Props to Ronaldo for making the party happen come hell or high…mechanic bills!

It is unclear if popular playboy Ronaldo had a date with him at the time of the incident…which would have made for a stickier situation! It isn’t likely that many men would have felt pity for the sports star, because the guy has dated some of the most beautiful women on the planet…many, many of them!

Ronaldo Lamborghini

A sad sight for any luxury car owner or enthusiast

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Ronaldo in his Aventador

During better times…when the Aventador was running

Ronaldo Lamborghini Aventador

Sorry, buddy!



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