Jaguar Land Rover Eye-Tracking Wipers Will Brighten Rainy Days

Jaguar Land Rover has been busy developing smart tracking technology, but it was not exactly exciting until actual daily use benefits emerged, like eye-tracking wipers. Soon the stress of wind shield wipers that never seem to sync up properly to the momentum of the elements and the driver’s eye will be a thing of the past.

The idea for eye-tracking wipers came out while the company was busy developing safety measures such as visual sensing for drowsy driving alerts. Jaguar Land Rover has been working with Intel to stay on top of the latest technology breakthroughs and implement them into their luxury vehicles.

eye tracking wipers

How the smart wipers work is relatively simple—sensors constantly monitor the driver’s eye movements to determine when to engage the wipers. The technology is reportedly sophisticated enough to track eye movements even when the driver is donning sunglasses or other eyewear. The prototype is named the “Driver Monitor System”, perhaps a fun jab that now the driver monitors the vehicle and visa versa.

eye-tracking wipersThere are some understandable issues at this stage in the development process for the wipers. One issue is obvious: the rear windows. The other problems are that because the eye-tracking wipers rely on, well, the eye, the windshield could become obscured during the time it takes for a driver to glance into a rearview mirror or turn their attention to something else momentarily. The brand is remedying this with JLR’s system because when set to “intermittent”, it will provide an extra swipe here and there for safety. Rear wipers are not a huge issue on most vehicles, but perhaps more so for the Range Rover. They will likely figure out an ideal solution for that quickly as the development continues.

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