That Will Not Buff Out: Porsche Destroyed at Carwash

A 2014 Porsche 911 convertible driven by 74-year-old Job Taylor went in for a wash, and ended up under the collapsed rubble of the building! It seems that Taylor may have accidently hit the accelerator rather than the brake, nailing a support beam and effectively bringing down the house. At least only a portion of the structure was taken down, it could have been a rather hectic insurance claim if an entire carwash needed replaced along with an exotic sports car.

Porsche crash

Ouch: A man accidentally took out a support beam at Olde Cape Car Wash in New Orleans, bringing it down on top of his 2014 Porsche! (Photos by Orleans police).

Porsche crash

No one was injured in the incident, unless the Porsche counts. It can be assumed that feelings were hurt upon viewing the photos.

The elderly driver is likely upset by the Porsche crash, and is lucky to have only suffered minor injuries and major embarrassment. The incident occurred in New Orleans and police are still investigating but have not laid out any charges. Sometimes shame is punishment enough.

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