Porsche Says Enough Horsepower Wars—500 Is Ample

It seems that Porsche is calling for an end to the never-ending horsepower war, stating that continuous increases are unsustainable in the interest of daily driver comforts. Does that mean that companies should save their main muscle flexing for the track? Porsche GT-car leader Andreas Preuninger shared in an interview that “I’m not a believer in this horsepower monster, up, up, up, more, more, more. For my personal tastes, around 500 horsepower is enough, because 700-800 horsepower calls for bigger brakes, sturdier suspension. It gets heavier and heavier logically.”

PorschePreuninger shared that the future of Porsche sporting cars will focus heavily on reducing weight and improving the driving experience through engineering. Any vehicle can be made fast, but that speed can come at too high of a cost when it is not usable in daily situations and the car holds no further perks, like a cozy interior or smooth ride. That is why the 2015 Porsche 911 GT3 car kicks out 475 horses, but redlines at 9,000 rpm. While some would say that number of horses is too low with supercars capable of kicking out 800-1,500 horses are being created now, for Porsche it is on-point with their plans to end the insanity. The best way to end a showdown is to lead by example, and the company seems to be doing just that. The upside to that is that when other companies follow suit, which they inevitably will, Porsche will look like the pioneer and leader of the standard.

PorscheIn the end, do drivers want to drop tons of hard-earned money on a car that lacks all creature comforts and even comfort in favor of bragging rights to horsepower and top speed? Or is Porsche onto something—that 500 horses is more than a healthy stable when paired with all of the added extras that we have come to expect from an exotic sports car? Share your opinions below!

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