Federal Government Gives $528.7 M Loan to Fisker Automotive To Build Exotic Hybrid Luxury Car

As the world begins to bud green sprouts from many an industry, none have taken more heat than the automotive companies to reduce their carbon footprint.  The main way to reduce the negative impact of autos is to develop new and environmentally sound methods of both building and operating them.  Enter Fisker Automotive.

Fisker Automotive is one lucky start-up company, the competition must be “green” with envy over the $528.7 million loan the Federal Government has just given them to manufacture exotic hybrid luxury cars. 

The luxury hybrid cars have been on the show circuit for about a year now, a sporty four-door hybrid luxury car named the Karma, and Fisker Automotive Karma Hybrida drop-top version, the Karma Sunset.  The hybrids do not skimp on the power end, boasting 408 horsepower these plug-in models are tapped into the future of preservation.  There are rumored to be an estimated 1,500 orders already in.

The colossal Federal grant is intended to allow Fisker to begin development of a less expensive line of green automobiles, so most of the funds will be allocated toward Project NINA, where the cars will be designed, engineered and assembled.  Remaining funds will then funnel into the marketing of the affordable yet exotic hybrids, hopefully kicking off a movement eventually leading to green cars being the “norm”. 

Fisker is not the only eco-friendly company receiving Uncle Sam’s assistance.  Earlier this year, conditional loans were given to Ford ($5.9 billion), Nissan ($1.6 billion) and Tesla Motors ($465 million) by the DOE.  The future of exotic cars and luxury car rentals is going increasingly green, and a lot of green is being thrown into development to make it happen. 

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