The Only Private Ferrari Enzo Prototype On Earth is For Sale

The unimaginable is happening: The only Ferrari Enzo prototype belonging to private collector is for sale. That is right, only one Enzo prototype has ever been sold to an individual, and they are now willing to come off of it for a likely staggering sum…or your soul or something. The nice lady is drenched in classic Ferrari red and looking hot.

Ferrari Enzo prototypeThe Ferrari Enzo prototype above is special because it is the only one ever sold to a private collector. How much will the lucky owner gain when he finally lets her go? 

Ferrari Enzo prototypeThis is the one and only privately owned Ferrari Enzo prototype. She is a compact little number sporting 1980’s style intakes. Any takers? 

The 2000 Ferrari Enzo prototype at a glance:

  • The price is, of course, not listed. This just means that if you must inquire, you cannot afford her.
  • It is a 2000 model and a one-off. It is the only mobile test car of the Enzo production line to ever leave Maranello.
  • This prototype possesses a V12 engine paired to a 6-gear transmission producing 670 Prancing Horses.
  • She is based on the fabulous Ferrari 348

Ferrari Enzo prototype

Rare and one-off Ferrari collector cars are in high demand and buyers are shelling out millions to own them. With the current record for a rare Ferrari selling at auction surpassing the $30 million mark, it would be little surprise if this Enzo prototype came close to that. In the end, it all depends on who wants it for their collection bad enough to battle the bank cards. One thing seems certain–this Ferrari is not likely to end up in Jay Leno’s Garage!

Ferrari Enzo prototypeThe only privately owned Ferrari Enzo prototype is going to change hands. 

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