The Ferrari F60 America Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

The Ferrari F12 is a marvelous beast. Now meet the Ferrari F60 America, the topless extravagance that will bring tears to the eyes. This F12 variant has all the right design cues to draw attention from even the biggest haters. Just 10 units will be produced–making this Prancing Horse among the most exclusive.

Ferrari F60 AmericaThe Ferrari F60 America is an elite nod to the States. Just ten units will be created at a price that will likely leave one feeling a bit queasy.

The Ferrari F60 America at a glance:

  • She is a drop top version of the high-performance Ferrari F12.
  • Aside from the roof subtraction, this model features revised aluminum framework, thirstier intakes and additional aerodynamics.
  • The 6.3-liter V12 produces around 730 horses. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear attested to the power of the F12 when he drove it in Scotland: “You can’t even sneeze when you drive this car because if you did…well, they would have to hose you off the road.” Now imagine that power with the top down and the Stig at the wheel.
  • The 0-60 mile per hour sprint is achieved in 3.1 seconds, on par with the standard F12.

Ferrari F60 AmericaThe cabin of the F60 America is decidedly sporty. The bright red accents and sleek leather bring together the blue exterior for a patriotic nod to America. Hand stitched flag detailing on the seats and a prominent white stripe down the hood complete the effect. It is truly a gorgeous Ferrari.

Ferrari F60 America

If you have already imagined how the Ferrari F60 America is going to look in your garage, you may need to picture something else because all ten are already spoken for. Not to worry, you can ease the pain by renting a Ferrari from Imagine Lifestyles this weekend.

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