Ferrari Owner in Hot Water…Literally!

Croatia is a scenic and laid-back travel destination filled with expansive views of the sea, quaint cafes and a Ferrari plunged nose-first into a harbor! Upon returning from a leisurely European lunch, this Ferrari owner found his luxury car had been nailed by a runaway van, thrusting it into the water. Thankfully it was not a Ferrari rental!

Ferrari crash Croatia

Ferrari crash Croatia

The Ferrari 360 spider was perhaps parked a bit too close to the waterline, with the owner just yards away at the café. The brakes apparently failed on a white Renault Master truck, causing it to clip the luxury sports car.
The true humor to this tale is that the Ferrari owner did not impress the locals, and maybe got what he had coming!

An amused witness on the scene said the following:
“The Ferrari guy was a Slovenian tourist who had been harassing people in his car by making a lot of noise. It was like he was driving around purposely trying to wake up tourists with his fancy Ferrari.”


This video shows up-close still shots of the incident!


The owner appeared relatively calm considering the circumstances, and owns a towing company, making retrieval of the drenched Ferrari simple. The Ferrari suffered minimal damage, aside from the tacky registration plate reading “LJ-BUUM”.

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