Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadster Gets Green Light: There Shall be Six

This special Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio roadster made its grand debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year. It is quite typical for very special one-offs to be created and touted to various auto shows worldwide, serving as works of inspirational art. It is not common for any of these types of vehicles to ever be produced, making the Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio roadster special, indeed! Word is that a limited production run of just six units has been approved, and they will be expensive ladies.

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio RoadsterThe photo above shows the Sergio tribute at the Geneva Motor Show.

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadster

An exclusive fleet of just six special edition Ferrari cars is coming! The Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio roadster has been given the green light for a mini-run. 

The special fleet of Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio roadsters will be entirely handcrafted at Pininfarina using a Ferrari 458 donor car. The Sergio roadsters pay homage to legendary Italian designer Sergio Pininfarina himself, so every detail will be extraordinary. They will boast the mechanical, electrical and some other components of the Ferrari 458, but the design cues are certain to startle. Pininfarina is known for its exquisite craftsmanship in coachwork and the end result will be a street legal slice of decadent history between Ferrari and Pininfarina. It has been reported that the brand hinted at the small production run on an “ask and you shall be told” basis. This is a severely effective way to generate intrigue and ensure an exclusive collector’s car.

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadster

Will the six beauties ever line up at a show together like the Bugatti Legends Cars fleet? Hopefully they will at least during their presentations prior to being located to their new homes. It seems like at least one, likely the concept version, will be moved to a museum display to share with the masses. The other $2 million dollar ladies will likely not get out much.

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadster Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio Roadster

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

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