Meet the Ferrari Work Truck: A Sexy Alternative to the Dreadful Commute

This is the Ferrari work truck that has caused an online sensation. To this I say: If one must perform tedious manly labors, who is to say what type of vehicle he deserves to enjoy? Clearly he works hard to enjoy what he has, and that is one sexy work truck!

Ferrari work truckMeet what may well be the world’s only Ferrari work truck. Some call it scandalI call it awesome. I do not, however, buy that he is an actual handyman.

What you are really looking at is:

The London Motor Group shared that it is the end result of an after-market enthusiast taking an angle-grinder to a 1989 Ferrari 412. After strategically removing sections of the roof and a bit of Jenga, you get the first-ever Ferrari El Camino…I kid, I kid. The truck is business in the front and party in the back…or work. The bed is lined with luxurious teak wood and there is added suspension to assist with larger loads. It also has a revamped exhaust system that allows the driver total control of the growls the Horse can make while heading to the next job. Want to take a leisurely cruise down an upscale London street? Cheerio. Want to make her snarl and put fear into the hearts of small children as you approach a work site? Done.

Ferrari work truckFerrari El Camino inspired pickup or practical Pony of dreams? You be the judge. Speaking of judge…this could be done with a GTO. 

Ferrari work truck

Notice the shotgun scoop bonnet and street hot-rod approach to this Ferrari work truck. I must keep describing it as a work truck, as I find myself at a loss for a better description.

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