Finally A Good-looking Jacuzzi

The majority of jacuzzi’s are pretty tacky-looking but we have found one that, miraculously, isn’t. The Unique Base Jacuzzi by Carlo Urbinati is 21st century and sophisticated. The Unique Base Jacuzzi’s name is fitting, it can be totally customized. The tub can be installed inside or out, built-in or floor standing, in any environment. Finally, freedom from those gross primitive tubs and less time consuming then having to design from scratch. From wood to mosaic laying, leather, or fabric, you can choose all parts on the Unique. Put one in the bathroom, on the deck or in the middle of the room if you want, the Unique Jacuzzi will help make it look good. Next time you come in from a hard ski, work-out, or day at work, you’ll take a sumptuous soak and it won’t seem so bad.