Trump Soho New York: So Luxurious, Even Chris Brown Keeps Himself in Check While Checked-In

Trump Soho New York Luxury Hotel

The Trump Soho New York luxury hotel has recently opened its doors and unrolled the red carpet for celebrity guests and is making headlines.  True to Trump form, the Trump Soho NY adds distinction to the city skyline and provides an exquisite escape for guests.  Located in upscale Manhattan, this will certainly be a must-stay for those seeking the luxury hotel experience in the city!  Tip:  Make sure you make a quick call to us to secure the exotic car rental NY that best compliments you.

Top 10 Most Unique Luxury Hotels

 Poseidon Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
This luxury resort opened in 2008 and is located on the private Fijian island.  It is the world’s first pressurized undersea resort and features 22 lavishly appointed guestrooms.  Each guest room boasts 270-degree windows for panoramic views of the sea around you.  Perks include access to a fleet of private submarines to explore reefs and a private bungalow accessible by sub only!  Weeklong accommodations at this luxury undersea resort start at $30,000 per couple if you want to get your James Bond on…or you could just indulge in an Aston Martin rental Miami for under $2,000.

Most Expensive: Chicago Massage & Spa Treatment

Whether you had a rough week at the office or are just stressed out from all the shopping on the Magnificent Mile on your vacation, Chicago has multiple world-famous spas to kick back and relax at.  Most spas will offer 30-40 different services, each offering their own unique way of relaxation.  For the purposes of this article we are going to focus on massages, more specifically the most expensive massage offered in the city.

The Betsy Hotel South Beach-Simply Elegant

When it comes to South Beach hotels, the Betsy Hotel certainly portrays poise and elegance, located in the famed Art Deco district on Ocean Drive.  This is a luxury hotel, upscale restaurant, lavish poolside bar and exotic garden spa all in one location.
The Betsy Hotel South Beach
There are 63 elegantly appointed rooms at the Betsy, all of which are private, beachside jewels with elaborate and creative design, and of course, every modern amenity.   The décor is decidedly tropical, yet not tacky.  A main attraction is the courtyard pool, where you can indulge in delectable specialty cocktails that will melt away your every worry.  Light fare is offered poolside.

Exotic Spa Treatments-Queen Conch Shell Scrub?

We at Imagine Lifestyles love all that is luxury living, so when we heard about this ultra-luxe spa treatment, we decided to share it with our fans.  In Turks and Caicos, a new trend is cracking open-a Queen conch shell scrub. 

You can find this aqua exotic treatment at the Regent Palms in Turks and Caicos; just ask for a 30-minute Mother of Pearl body treatment. Queen conch shells are found in the shallows of the Caribbean and southern AtlanticQueen Conch Spa Scrub seas where the waters are tropical and warm.  These mollusks have large shells lined with pink tinted mother-of-pearl. 

Private Plastic Surgery Options at Four Seasons in South Beach-Boutique Style Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation at a beachside resort-Four Seasons South BeachWhen you stay at Four Seasons, there is much more than a concierge approach to luxury to entice guests-there are also a handful of expert South Beach plastic surgeons who are available for a free consultation at the hotel upon request.  It is surgery in style for those who can afford this original and boutique approach to cosmetic surgery.

This is a fresh and innovative approach to protective privacy in the world of publicized cosmetic procedures for the rich and famous.  Guests of the Four Seasons are accustomed to pampering and the undivided attentions of the luxury hotel, and now those interested will have the secure privacy and attention of some of South Beach’s top plastic surgeons-sans media glare in the comfort of the hotel.

It is a sign that luxury evolves right along with technology, and as technology becomes increasingly invasive, concerns regarding privacy are being met with increased measures to guard against unwanted attention.  Four Seasons has taken a hands-on approach to the comfort of its guests, no matter what South Beach luxury they are in town to indulge in.

By choosing to meet with a qualified surgeon at Four Seasons, you are able to make an informed and smart decision regarding breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, body lifts, and more by asking questions and learning comfortably. Following your complimentary consultation, perhaps a relaxation session at the expansive pool surrounded by the Atlantic will help during decision time!  

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Canyon Ranch Miami is Deserted

Canyon Ranch is promoted as one of the best spas and wellness centers in the country, having two locations in Tucson, Arizona, and Lenox, Massachusetts well established.  A third location in Miami Beach has been in the works since 2005 and was built beachfront, where the old Carillon Hotel once was. The Canyon Ranch Hotel/Resort/Residences finally opened earlier this year, although you wouldn't know it. Canyon Ranch has been empty,  demographic faux pas or 21st Century Depression? Only time will tell.

WHat we do know is that Canyon Ranch has about 150 luxury suites on the hotel side, ranging from $300 to $1,800 a night. Canyon Ranch bills itself as "the first condo, luxury hotel and wellness spa of its kind!” While the 70,000-square foot spa is massive, we aren't convinced. Canyon Ranch strongly markets the holistic benefits of “a deeper wellness, a healing energy, where body meets soul" to draw in the health conscious rather than self-obsessed.  Having said that, at this point, Canyon Ranch wants anybody by any means. Point in case, the Miami Beach Canyon Ranch is the only one that allows alcohol. While the remote countryside Canyon Ranches in Arizona and the Berkshires remain serious detoxifying centers, the Miami location couldn't afford to do be alcohol-free. Canyon Ranch replied, " “Our beverage offerings are reflective of our beliefs,” the drinks menu intones. “Research indicates that alcohol, when consumed in moderation, can help people live long and well.” And their brand of alcoholic beverages are better for the environment: “100% organic spirits and beer, along with sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines free of artificial pesticides and fertilizers.” Believe what you want, we all know that Miami Beach is the place to party first and relax second. Canyon Ranch had to get on board fast or sink. The moral of the story is, you can get drunk off organic wine at the Canyon Ranch spa but you can't get a soda. The spa offers every service imaginable but it isn't much different from other spas on Miami Beach, just farther down Collins.

The Canyon Ranch Hotel is  over-designed to the point of being cheesy and reminiscent of a nice retirement home. The food is ultra health-conscious and calorically marked which we appreciate but it's just too little too late. If you want to really detox at a Canyon Ranch opt for one of the first two locations; if you want to party in Miami Beach pick a better hotel, like the Setai, Shoreclub or soon to open W Hotel. If you want to come to Miami Beach and not interact with any other living human-beings, besides hotel staff, then go to Canyon Ranch Miami.

Aloe in South Florida: A New Aloe Spa

Oh the power of going green! In this case, going green doesn't have anything to do with saving planet Earth, although saving Earth is helpful. Green is the color of the aloe plant which is said to be a plant with powerful healing abilities. Many health and beauty regimens consist of some aloe but one spa depends upon it. The Aloe-Spa Salute Per Aloe has just recently expanded into the Stated from Spain and Argentina. The Aloe spa has just taken up residency in Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach, Florida. The spa centers around aloe but uses other natural ingredients such as, organic brown sugar, marine salt, green coffee, honey, green tea extract, açai extract, Andean volcanic clay, and pure caviar. While this spa sounds more like a place to eat rather than get a massage, it must be good. More people must love aloe then we thought because the Aloe spa just managed to expand in this economy. The Aloe spa offers services just like any other spa, massages at $120, facials at $130 and full body treatments starting at $150.

We wouldn't push aloe on anybody but will say that aloe has always taken the red, painful burn out of our sunburn. Maybe its a good thing the Salute per Aloe Spa is now in South Florida because seeing splotchy, sunburnt tourists is a daily affair. If you're not into the spa then wear sunblock because SPF really does prevent sunburn, wrinkles, leathery skin and skin cancer, duh.

Models & Meat-heads Have A New Miami Beach Gym

Everybody's New Years resolution is to get back into shape after holiday binges. You will probably notice how the gym gets uncomfortably crowded for a few weeks, it usually dies down by February. In Miami, however, people stay fit and in the gym all year. With the gym being an everyday shrine in Miami, it was only fitting to build something outrageous.

David Barton has built the king of all gyms in the Gansevoort South Hotel. David Barton is somewhat of a South Beach celebrity, he is the man behind the Miami upscale gym. Building also in Chicago and New York, he has taken gyms to an all new high. Barton's modus operandi is helping South Beach, Chicago and New York "look better naked."

The Studio Sofield has helped him design the newest 45,000-square-foot big daddy, DBG gym and spa. The space features Italian chain-inlayed stairs, hand-stenciled walls, hanging sculptures and a metal lattice dome ceiling. The spa offers some very South Beach-ish inspired treatments like "The Cougar," an anti-aging facial. Plus, the "Hot Pants," a treatment to exfoliate, tighten and tone the derriere. The new DBG gym in the Gansevoort South kind of makes the other South Beach David Barton gym's look like garbage, maybe its time for some renovating. David Barton gym members can work-out at any location. However, if you are a member of DBG through the Flamingo Residencies that's another story. The Flamingo has a puny version of a David Barton Gym but like everything else at the Flamingo they shaft you. You cannot work out anywhere but there, you'll miss out on the bigger and better DBG. In short, the new DBG is stunning and sure to make every South Beach meat-head and model feel good this season.