Find Out if Your Neighbors are Pimping Out Their Rides

The word “Getaround” holds a bit of a naughty reputation, making it the perfect name for a new type of standard and luxury car rental business!  Getaround is essentially an online outlet allowing you, the car owner, to rent out your ride whenever you want, to whomever you want, and rent the rides of your participating neighbors. 

Getaround car rentals

Would you want to end up behind the wheel of this?

The website says “Rent a car from someone nearby” and “Convenient hourly rentals from real people like you”….but what if they are not like me…what if they are completely bat-shit crazy?  There is an app for this, similar to Zipcar, though I will say I find it a bit sketchy.  It is always smart to stick with professionals, especially when dealing with an exotic car rental.


BMW rentals Miami

Or maybe something a leetle more like zzzis!  BMW luxury car rental

The site even offers a Tesla Roadster rental…that just happens to be nearby.  Users can sign up and offer their own car for hourly rentals, or rent cars around them.  Would you want to pimp your ride out for a few extra bucks, and run the many risks that could entail? 

Rental car apps

Tesla rentals

Overall, this could be a great system for the granola types in larger cities, sharing cars and carpooling.  But when it comes to an exotic car rental, nothing trumps professional service standards and inventory. 

What do you think of ‘Getaround’?  Comment below!


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