Go Green Alcohol in Eight Flavors

No offense ladies but we may have found liqueur on par with your wine spritzers. It seems former vice president of marketing for Campari/SKYY spirits wanted to go in a greener direction. Dave Racicot started his own eco-friendly line of organic liqueurs. Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueurs come in eight flavors: cucumber, elderflower, apple spice ginger, pomegranate, tres chili, dark chocolate, chipotle and blueberry. The liqueurs are USDA Organic certified and packaged in lightweight, recyclable glass bottles, with recyclable labels. Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueurs will retail for less than $25 a bottle and are being sold in California now. Ladies of Orange County, California, we saw the Bravo show "The Real Housewives of Orange County," we know how much you drink and all about the charity galas you throw. Get excited about eight flavors of liqueur and going green with Thatcher’s!