Hamster Hotel in Mexico? Mas Cerveza, Por Favor!



Trips to Mexico often begin with good intentions: Sun, sea and cerveza. After a few-too-many Mexican beers, however, you could find yourself in a concrete drainage pipe for the night. No, it isn’t the end result of a mugging and a blackout…its just the Tubohotel!

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Tubohotel in Mexico

The Tubohotel is a unique set of hotel rooms lurking within sections of recycled concrete pipes located in an orchard in the village of Tepoztlán. So if a stay in a hamster-style hotel is on your list of things to do south of the border, they are taking reservations now!


Odd Hotels Mexico

At night, the Tubohotel is illuminated into a kind-of art form


Strange Hotels Mexico

The rooms at this bizarre hotel are quite simple, including a queen sized bed, desk, fan and decorative towels…the bare essentials. The restroom and bathing facilities are inconveniently located in a separate area, which is not a tube. After a few cocktails, some guests may streak between the two, offering up unique forms of entertainment. 


Tubohotel Mexico

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