Harper’s Bazaar Cover Makeover for India

When sales are down, make it shiny. At least, that’s what US-based Hearst Corporation plans to do again, this time in India. Back in September 2007 in Britain, Hearst printed consumer fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar with 200 Swarovski crystals glued onto each cover. The studded Harper’s mags went to 50,000 London newsstands for sale and made a global first. As the collectors edition Harper’s Bazaar issues could be purchased at any ordinary newsstand. The shiny cover initiative must have paid off because this time Hearst Corporation had teamed with the India Today Group to print 18,000 Swarovski crystal studded Harper’s Bazaar copies for Indian newsstands. The 15,000 covers will be adorned with 24 flat-back Swarovski crystals, while 3,000 more will glisten with 48 flat-back crystals of different sizes. All crystallized Harper’s Bazaars will feature the limited edition label “Made with Crystalized- Swarovski Elements.” The high fashion mag will feature Bollywood celebrity Kareena Kapoor. The shiny issue is meant to celebrate the launch of the mag in India and give Harper’s Bazaar some high fashion, high class presence in India. India dwarfs Britain so why aren’t more copies being printed? Can we say recession? If you live in India and die for fashion then you better get to the newsstand like the night before if you want to get your limited edition blinged-out Harper’s Bazaar issue. Good luck.