Heffner Releases Ferrari 458 Twin Turbo Kit

Heffner Performance has revealed a Ferrari 458 twin turbo kit. No, not Hugh Heffner, although that would actually rock a little harder! Yep, those guys at Heffner certainly love to twin turbo anything possessing an engine, and more power never hurt any Ferrari or Ferrari rental!

Heffner Twin Turbo Kits

There is no such thing as too much power

Hugh Hefner

And there is no such thing as too many women, just ask Hef!

The Ferrari 458 twin turbo kit fits the prancing pony with additional muscle in the form of a bolt-on development pushing out 257 more ponies. That kicks the total output of the 458 up from 562 to 820 horses, which is quite an improvement.

I wonder how many people will be burning to add this kit to their recently delivered Ferrari 458 Italia supercars, it seems that there will be some interest. We would fit our Ferrari 458 rental with one, but that may just be too much power for its purposes, unless track time is reserved!

Heffner Ferrari 458 kit

Heffner Ferrari 458 kit

Heffner Ferrari 458 kit

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