Top Five Sumptuous Travel Tips for September

South Beach Luxury TravelAs summer draws to a close, savvy travelers know it is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in that last minute and much needed luxury getaway.  While there are nearly unlimited options worldwide to bask and spend, our top five picks for a true American escape are:

•    South Beach
•    New York
•    Chicago
•    Los Angeles
•    Las Vegas

South Beach is a beach vacation destination unrivaled in the luxury department.  Sand, salt and skin saturate this seaside vision.  We recommend an exotic renal car such as the Ferrari 430 Convertible, in red, to serve as your transportation during your stay.  The reason we selected red is because this is a savvy city to see and be seen in, and a red Ferrari convertible rental most assuredly pops out among an already chic crowd.  The W Hotel South Beach just opened its swanky doors this summer as well, making it the latest hot-spot complete with the W Lounge bar inside.

South Beach has some of the best restaurants in the world, shopping, entertainment, luxury accommodations, and more-all situated along the marbled Atlantic Coastline with tropical weather all year long, making it a delicious luxury escape anytime!

Next on the list is the Big Apple-fall time in New York is a fantastic and crisp time to explore the famous city.  There are a million things to see and do while in the sleek city, and while a cab may be sufficient for more congested areas, we do pass along the tip to rent a car for a quick drive to the Hampton’s.  A bright yellow Lamborghini rental New York style will shoot you to the Hampton’s faster than anyone else, leaving you more time to soak in all the upscale relaxation and dining.

Or you may wish to race along in a luxury rental car right along with your pulse, in Sin City!  That’s right; Las Vegas is another destination city that is perfect for a getaway all year round.  We recommend taking the city by storm and indulging in a Rolls Royce rental-complete with a driver.  Let’s keep it real here, after gambling for 48 hours straight and alternating martinis with mojitos, the last thing you will want to do is drive.  Las Vegas and luxury rental cars never get old.Bellagio Las Vegas

For those of you who live in warmer places, a trip to Chicago is always a pleasant change of environment.  Big, noisy and sophisticated, Chicago is a business and pleasure destination rivaling New York and Las Angeles.  The mid-west is beautiful during the fall, when the air is crisp and cool and the leaves are changing, and the city is situated along the banks of Lake Michigan.

During your stay in Chicago, an Aston Martin rental is ideal for driving in the city, but an Escalade rental may be ideal for a weekend drive through the city’s outskirts for sightseeing and exploration. 

Finally, of course we recommend Los Angeles.  Anything goes in this Pacific-side city, and the best way to explore the vertical expanses of ocean roads is with a convertible, perhaps the Bentley GTC rental.  A muted color may help you fly under the radar while in unfamiliar territory.  With so much celebrity, entertainment, rocky cliffs and sea spray, Los Angeles delivers something for everyone and is adequately cool during the month of September usually. 

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals