High Tech Security Measures for Your Luxury Home

After spending a considerable chunk of your savings to purchase your luxury home, the next thing you want to do is protect it. Criminals are notorious for targeting lux communities as they know that the value of the properties is high, and the stuff inside is equally expensive. There’s nothing worse than being robbed because you feel violated and unsafe in your own space.

If you don’t want to be a literal sitting duck in your home, don’t make yourself vulnerable to threats and attacks by amplifying your security with high tech features like AI and smart algorithms. With technological advancements like facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, remote controls and more, you can rest assured that your luxurious house and all the things in it will remain safe any time of day.

Set Up an Alarm System

Put in a state of the art alarm system in your home and make sure it is up and running at all times. What is the point of installing this security option if you do not keep it armed? For best results, pick a service that triggers the police when your alarm is tripped after a set period of time. This gives you leeway to disengage the alarm with your security code in case you set it off by accident.

Moreover, it is critical to announce your alarm system with several signs along your perimeter. Put a prominent warning in your windows and doors. Thieves are lazy people; that’s why they result in stealing. They want an easy target, so when they see your sign, this is a huge turn off for them. Dissuade them from coming in to attack you with your alarm system. They don’t want to risk getting caught in the act.

Install CCTV Cameras

To ensure that your home is protected, install CCTV cameras all-around your home perimeter. Make sure that there are no dead spots in your camera coverage. Every possible angle must be included in your system for added protection. You don’t want thieves to get away because of one blind area.

CCTV cameras are also a huge burglar deterrent. Investing in an excellent outdoor security camera like Arlo Pro 2 can ensure that no thief will go undetected. You can even live stream the feed on your phone and receive notifications. You will instantly know if someone is stalking your premises. Because of this information, you can take the necessary precautionary measures.

Put in In-house Cameras

Some are iffy about installing in-house cameras because of privacy? However, you can place these where it feels reasonable. These interior cameras are beneficial for identifying thieves should they successfully barge into your home. On top of that, in case of any untoward accidents with your children, you can readily see what happened. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork.

Utilize Smart Locks

Be sure to leverage technology by installing smart locks in your home. A smart lock is a home device that can be enabled with your WiFi or Bluetooth. You can unlock and lock your home through secure signals going to a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet. Some will even let you unlock with your voice or your fingerprint. Keyless entry is now possible.

This device is a fantastic security measure because it will alert your phone if someone is trying to tamper with your lock. You can set it to notify the police or your home security service automatically. It can also be integrated with your other devices like your smart light and CCTV.

On top of this, a smart lock makes everything convenient because you can customize your home access and set limitations. In case you forget to lock your house, you can engage the lock from your office. If your relatives suddenly come over, and you are not home yet, you can open the door for them.

Fortify Your Exterior Security

Most people focus on protecting what’s within the home, so they forget about exterior security like gates and fences. To ward off thieves, it is best to install a perimeter fence and put up a gate. Don’t forget the garbage area as it’s one of the more easily accessible parts of your house. Utilize dumpster rentals at a secure location to ward off thieves.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can electrify your fence and gate to send a jolt of current to someone who attempts to breach them. These electric barriers are usually connected to an alarm, which ensures your home is as secure as Fort Knox.

Final Word

When you decorate your luxury home, don’t forget to include your security set up. Studies show that thieves hit homes every 25.7 seconds, so making your home secure is a top priority. You must also be aware of the potential security threats to our house so you can do your best effort to keep your home and the people you love safe and sound.