Jay Leno Drives the Highest Mileage Lamborghini

It seems that Jay Leno doesn’t mind a gal with a bit of mileage on her—like the 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT with over 250,000 wrinkles on the odometer. The supercar-loving superstar did a segment highlighting the highest mileage Lamborghini, see complete video below. To put that number into perspective: our Lamborghini rentals are driven often and will never come close to that mileage marker before they are traded in for newer models.

Highest Mileage Lamborghini

The vintage GT 2+2 is owned by Jack Riddell and has certainly been appreciated, racking up over 250,000 miles!

Based on looks alone, this car could pass as a coddled museum piece as it is staunchly preserved and untouched. The truth is much more exciting, as this car has a past!
Jack Riddell purchased the car from its original owner in 1972 and has certainly been enjoying it. It did not rack up all those miles lying dormant and dusty, but has endured about 5 engine rebuilds, new transmissions, interior restoration and exterior color revamp.

The video above provides an in-depth interview with the high mileage sports car via Jay Leno.

The coolest part of this story is that Riddell performed each engine rebuild personally. He gleaned so much knowledge from the tasks that he published an online book for owners wishing to do the same! Because the 4.0-liter V12 in the Lamborghini 400 GT is also used in a few other models (including the early Countach), Riddell’s book is valuable to vintage Lambo owners.

Highest mileage Lamborghini car

Jay Leno owns an enviable garage.

Riddell also added hardened valve seats and an MSD electronic ignition. This car is geared up for the next century! It certainly seems that this vintage supercar is geared up to run for another few decades. Will this car maintain the title of highest mileage Lamborghini for the forseeable future? Comment below!


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