Hot Water: Exotic Cars Flooded in Singapore Parking Garage!

Flooded luxury cars Singapore

Flooded luxury cars in Singapore garage

Torrential downpours resulted in the severe flooding of an underground parking structure, damaging many exotic luxury cars!  Singapore’s St Regis Residences, a luxury residence tower, is home to many wealthy individuals, and therefore, their luxury cars.  I suppose an exotic rental car will have to suffice until their vehicles are repaired or replaced.


Flooded luxury garage Singapore

A 4,000 square foot suite in the St Regis luxury complex goes for around $10 million, so you can imagine the quality of exotic cars gracing the garage!  See more photos below!

Flooded Porsche Singapore

Flooded exotic cars

Flooded garage luxury cars

Flooded luxury car

A local shopping mall was also flooded, preventing retail therapy to overcome the grief.  Don’t miss our fleet of gorgeous Ferrari rentals, Lamborghini rentals and more on your way out!




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