How to Emerge From a Luxury Vehicle Like a Boss! Or like Beyoncé

In the photos below you can see Beyoncé display the proper way to exit a luxury vehicle like a boss, or like a mega-celeb with a baby bump! Before you judge, Beyoncé is preggers, so a bit of extra pampering is in order! She no doubt has a massive schedule and being pregnant during it all cannot be easy.

Beyonce in New York

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh…eh.

One helper assisted the superstar out of her seat while the other held an umbrella to ensure that the gorgeous Beyoncé did not get wet in the rainy New York weather. Oh how we wish she were exiting one of our chauffeured luxury cars in New York! She is perhaps the classiest woman alive and that umbrella is mammoth enough to serve as a beach umbrella!

Jay Z & Beyonce

A-list love

I imagine once the baby celebrity makes its debut, a small army will be on-hand to help the super busy celebrity super mom manage! Can you imagine being the offspring of two successful icons like Jay Z and Beyoncé? This child is going to emerge with the most powerful set of pipes Hollywood has ever heard!

Beyonce in New York

Seriously…who looks this glam while pregnant? Amazing!

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