How James Bond, the Aston Martin Rental

I was watching a bit of Goldfinger the other day, which led to me inevitably fantasizing about luxury cars.  That thought train of course drifted to the Aston Martin.  Oh how I love 007 and exotic cars.
Aston Martin Vantage Convertible Rental Miami
The Aston Martin Vantage convertible is the perfect warm weather luxury car rental.  While we have a couple of Aston Martin rentals, I do see them around Miami on occasion, and I also not the amount of heads turning when I do.  I guess 007 feels no need to be discreet while perusing around chasing danger in his luxury cars.  When I drive our Aston, I sometimes pretend that I am he, on a secret mission…but then some valet abruptly removes me from said delusion and I am transported back to a South Beach restaurant or event.  Sigh.

The Vantage convertible rental is one of my favorites because it is a somewhat more diminutive series from the brand, which translates to a more driver-friendly and easy to handle exotic car.  It also boasts a V8, which is impressively powerful James Bond Drives Aston Martinsfor its slight stature, giving it about the perfect amount of juice.

The sound the Vantage V8 engine puts out is like an acoustic eminence for the ears.  You may not even require the use of the radio.  The interior feels more like a cockpit, featuring sleek stainless steel and glass Emotion Control Unit.  At the mere push of a button, the powerful engine bursts to life, and you are off!  In this car, it doesn’t matter if you have a special destination in mind, the 420-horsepower becomes the focal point of your day.  The Vantage is a very affordable Aston Martin rental, with everything you would expect from the classic luxury car brand.

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