Hundreds of Luxury Cars Hit New York, Get Tickets

Recently, hundreds of high-performance exotic cars flooded New York’s Route 17, doing speeds of over 100 miles per hour.  Sounds like my kind of day!  I wonder if any of them were driving exotic car rentals.

New York police scrambled to nab as many of the drivers as possible, pulling over and ticketing approximately 100 for violations like speeding, window tint, equipment violations, lack of inspections and the like.  Maybe the cops wouldn’t have been so jealous had they been driving the luxury cop cars Korea that the officers there have access to, including a Lambo, Ferrari and Porsche.  So do luxury cars equal more tickets?

Perhaps then they could have arranged a race between civilians and cops.  So what were hundreds of exotic cars like Corvettes, Vipers, Porsches and BMW’s doing tearing up Route 17 around Monticello?

They were heading to Monticello Motor Club, an exclusive racetrack, where they paid $100 per person to take a lead lap behind a pace car for charity.  Some drivers shelled out an additional $200 to take a few faster laps around the racetrack…but apparently just could not wait until they arrived at the track.  This motor club is a private, 4-mile stretch of track with celebrity members including Nascar’s Jeff Gordon and Jerry Seinfeld, who requires something like this to compensate for his nerdy image.

So who were all these luxury car drivers?  They were from a group called ‘’, an elite group with similar interests that include badass luxury cars, travel, driving, nightlife and social events.  According to their Twitter feed, the event was to boast around 250 attendees, and stated,

“Turkey Run has begun!  250+ people tearing up I87 in NY!”

How is that for discreet?  Organizers of the charity event stated that those racking up traffic violations en route to the event could face expulsion from the facility.  So why all the need for speed?  One driver told the Times Herald-Record “We were running late”.

Formidable excuse, I accept it.  At least none of the luxury cars ended up like this poor Ferrari!

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