Hyundai Makes Attempt at Luxury Car

Automaker Hyundai is padding into the luxury car circuit, and apparently offering up some incentive along the road.  Previously known for its “budget” wheels, this South Korean automaker is reaching for the stars, by attempting to enter the luxury car realm.   We are skeptical.
Hyundai Equus
While Apple does offer some of the best (if not the best) tech gadgets available, why does Hyundai feel the need to offer a free iPad with the purchase of their new “luxury car”?  If you have a good product, does it not sell itself?  Would you only purchase a new Ferrari F430 if you received a complimentary gift?  We think not.

It seems as though the iPad is generating more publicity than Hyundai, and it is certainly cheaper to go out and buy an iPad (psst…they start at $499). 

Oh, sorry, the model Hyundai is highlighting?  That would be the Equus luxury sedan.  HApple iPad yundai is known for its niche in the lower-end market, with models like the $9,970 Accent and the $14,145 Elantra (for the big spenders).  So it is indeed a bold move for the automaker to burst onto the scene touting a $50,000-$60,000 car to compete with the likes of Lexus and Mercedes-Benz.  While the Equus is similar in size and horsepower, it may take a bit for buyers to come around to bragging about the name. 

Apparently the marketing geniuses at Hyundai have reasoned that people inclined to spend more on their cars also splurge on trendy techy gadgets…yeah…that is reaching.

We are not saying the car is terrible, we are just saying that the luxury car fans of the world may have a difficult time paying that price for what was previously “Payless Shoes”, in hopes of getting a pair of Jimmy Choos.  The marketing technique seems questionable at best, but we have been surprised before.

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