I Heart…Heathrow Club upon South Beach Opening

Heathrow Lounge

Last night we fell in love with Heathrow -the new kid on the Miami Beach block, so to speak. Heathrow night club is located on Washington Avenue & 6th Street and is our favorite new addition to the Miami party scene. Our love wasn’t the kind that you grow into slowly, oh no, it was love at first site because we walked right into a great vibe. We like to call it the "first 5 minute test", you either are up and ready to party or down and ready to peace out.

After 5 minutes we wanted to stay for the music. Everything from Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” to a remixed version of the Beatles, “I want to hold your Hand” played. Heathrow, stick to playing UK artists as opposed to mixing in Miami Beach standbys like Flo-RIda and David Guetta. It is so refreshing to have a London underground sound come through Miami Beach. We thought we would have to go back to Marbella, Ibiza or St. Tropez again this summer to feed our musical cravings. A fresh, hip flow of music will set you apart from the other soulless clubs on South Beach.

The crowd was pretty decent too, which is saying a lot for a Miami Beach summer. By summer time, the club crowds transform into a totally trashy, uncool scene because all the wealthy, halfway sane people ditch the heat and humidity. Most people run away to the Hamptons, LA, or another continent. The good news is that Heathrow still managed to be cool, as a matter of fact, all the summer faces we love were at Heathrow last night. We reveled in the party, everyone was young, rich and fabulous. The girls were ultra classy beauties and the boys, tall, dark, and handsome.

The club was so big that we didn’t even make it upstairs. That should be great news for you big kids suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, instead of club hopping all night, you can just walk into another room at Heathrow if you get anxious. We promise it will make for a much more enjoyable night because you can chill out in one place and run around rooms like a maniac, rather than clubs. Guess what else? The club wasn’t packed out in a pushy, feel-like-the crowd-is-giving-birth to you as squeeze through, kind of way. The chandeliers and gigantic flat screens were stunning and more than made up for the grotesque bathroom situation.

We are rooting for Heathrow to make it big without selling out to D list promoters, you know who you are; super young high school kids, who think they are way too cool with fake i.d’s; and run of the mill Miami Beach DJs, playing the same monotonous crap. Even though you have an awful marketing team right now, if the music stays consistent you might just establish a loyal following of posh party people. You have potential, so just commit to your UK sound and rock the beach! We will be heading back to Heathrow next weekend to check it out.