The Ibiza Cupster Literally Lacks a Lid and Direction

The drummer from Def Leopard only has one arm and the Ibiza Cupster concept only has one…window. While this look seemed to work well for the Lamborghini Aventador J, it could prove a bit awkward for the Ibiza Cupster, which appears to have ambitions of being a normal road car.

Ibiza Cupster

The Ibiza Cupster does not have a lid. Cups generally do not have lids. My attempt to make sense out of design? Failed.

The Ibiza Cupster concept was created to pay homage to the Ibiza Cupra hot hatch and to commemorate the 30th birthday of the Ibiza brand. The body makes no secret that it is indeed a part of the Volkswagen family. The key oddities are that wraparound sheet of glass serving as the only protection for the passengers and the deeper riding seats, clearly to provide further coddling for its exposed inhabitants. In fact, the seats are approximately three inches deeper down than in most vehicles, leaving me to wonder if there is a warning sign on the footplate or perhaps a bannister to ease oneself down.

Ibiza CupsterWhy would a roof be overlooked? Because weather?

The Ibiza Cupster concept is wider and lower slung, which is generally a good tip-off that it is a more powerful model than its predecessors or siblings. In this particular case it is unknown, as the concept is fitted with the same 1.4-liter TSI found in the Cupra, while the company strives to maintain a sense of mystery. That engine produces just 177 horses…which may be the limit in order to protect those in the car when there is no roof?

Ibiza CupsterThe cockpit is oddly minimalist, and I say as much because usually that approach is favored in order to glean more power by reducing weight. This is not a hypercar–so a bit of luxury could be a better approach for her. There is a method to the madness, however, as it is intended to mirror the Ibiza race cars of times gone by– something that must be communicated verbally because it is definitely not clear just by looking. I cannot say that a look over the Cupster translated to “Racing history” in my mind. Perhaps a more aerodynamic approach and some racing livery would fare better than simply ignoring the addition of a proper lid and leaving the inside barren?

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