The Ibiza Cupster Literally Lacks a Lid and Direction

Ibiza Cupster

The drummer from Def Leopard only has one arm and the Ibiza Cupster concept only has one…window. While this look seemed to work well for the Lamborghini Aventador J, it could prove a bit awkward for the Ibiza Cupster, which appears to have ambitions of being a normal road car.

The Ibiza Cupster does not have a lid. Cups generally do not have lids. My attempt to make sense out of design? Failed.

The Ibiza Cupster concept was created to pay homage to the Ibiza Cupra hot hatch and to commemorate the 30th birthday of the Ibiza brand. The body makes no secret that it is indeed a part of the Volkswagen family. The key oddities are that wraparound sheet of glass serving as the only protection for the passengers and the deeper riding seats, clearly to provide further coddling for its exposed inhabitants. In fact, the seats are approximately three inches deeper down than in most vehicles, leaving me to wonder if there is a warning sign on the footplate or perhaps a bannister to ease oneself down. read more