Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Purchases Range Rover Sport Supercharged

For our third acquisition within the first week of opening our Imagine Lifestyles Chicago branch, we knew we wanted to obtain one of the most luxurious yet rugged SUVs on the market.  I’ve been a Range Rover owner for years, however for our luxury rental car fleet, we needed the best and most exciting.  After a great deal of research, we found Range Rover Sport  Supercharged Chicagoour exact match at Howard Orloff Jaguar and Land Rover in Chicago. 

Our first ride in this British rocket ship was thrilling.  The handling is superb, the suspension is great, but the speed… did I mention the speed?!  This SUV can move.  Of course we need to remember that it is still an SUV, and that it doesn’t quite feel like our Mercedes S550 when you step on the gas; however it is definitely smooth.  You certainly don’t have the tinny lightweight feel of an SUV like the Jeep SRT8.  The Range is substantial and hearty.  It’s a ride than any man’s man can sink their teeth into, yet also refined enough for lady drivers. It’s an all around sturdy and spacious SUV with the giddyup of a sport’s car.

We can’t wait for our clients to experience this new addition, and to have it be a part of our luxury rental fleet.  Driving this vehicle into storage at Trump Tower instead of my garage at home will be heartbreaking; maybe it won’t end up available for rent after all??  Nah, I’ll share the love.

Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals