How to Spot a Previous Accident or Paint Job on Your Luxury Car

Investing in a car, especially an exotic car, requires due diligence.  If you are purchasing a brand new exotic car, there are fewer things to worry about.  But if you are purchasing a previously owned luxury car, it is imperative to ensure that it passes a full inspection.  It can sometimes be tricky to tell if the car has been in an accident.  Here are some tips to help out.

There are many signs to look for when visually inspecting a potential auto purchase.

•    First you can check the alignment of the body panels and doors, make sure that the gap between the fender and the hood align properly, and at both ends. Aston Martin body work
•    Open all doors several times to make sure that they open and close properly.  Make sure that the fender and door do not meet upon closing.  Ensure that you do not need to lift or lower the door to close it all the way.
•    Inspect the paint closely for an indication that it may have been in an accident.  Paints must be mixed prior to application, and even if it is the same color, it will be slightly different.  If the paint was applied heavier, you will notice it as well. 
•    Look at the wheel wells, panels and door jams to see how the color matches. 
•    Look for tapelines, overspray, drips and runs as they could indicate a paint job. 

Remember that if there do seem to be signs of an accident, it does not guarantee there has been.  Sometimes minor repairs such as scratches and rust spots are manicured (not that you should invest in a car with a rust problem!). 

Another avenue to explore is requesting a Carfax report.  A Carfax report does not guarantee that the vehicle has not been in an accident, but it is easy to obtain and generally thorough.

These tips will help you decide if the exotic car you are interested in may have been in a collision.  For more information on exotic cars, luxury car rentals, and automotive tips, follow links to Imagine Lifestyles, your source of all that is luxury.

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