Imagine Lifestyles Launch Party Re-Cap

Imagine Lifestyles Weekend Re-Cap

Wow, what a weekend for Chicago.  Blackhawks weekend long bar-crawl, Cubs-Sox cross-town classic, Old Town Art Fair, and Rib-Fest just to name a few of the activities that took place in the windy city this weekend.  Add on Thursday’s Imagine Lifestyles launch party at Underground and I think it is safe to say we all were a little exhausted this morning.  Greg Olsen Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals

The weekend got off to an incredible start on Thursday at Underground.  From 9-11, Imagine Lifestyles and Receptions for Research hosted a private party with some great food and Absolut cocktails on the house.  The event was a huge success and raised nearly $7,000 for breast cancer research.  Imagine Lifestyles’ Lamborghini Gallardo raised $3,000 all by itself.  We would like to thank Greg and Chris Olsen one last time for all their help in coordinating the event with us and we were very proud to be apart of such a wonderful charity.  After the auction was finished, I think it is safe to say the party got started in a big way.

I think everyone who was hungover Friday at work can blame the Chicago Blackhawks and their new best friend, The Stanley Cup.  Right around 11 P.M., the team, along with the cup, rolled into Underground and things were not quite the same after that.  Chicago is one proud city and we love our sports teams more than anything else when they are winning.  It is safe to say the Blackhawks have turned that love into an athlete-fan marriage of sorts these last few weeks with their championship run.  They will go down in history with the ’85 Bears team as one of Chicago’s all time favorites.  The Chicago Blackhawks with the 2010 Stanley Cup Imagine Lifestyles

Add on a few of Chicago’s best summer festivals on Saturday and Sunday and this weekend will definitely be one to remember.  Imagine Lifestyles would like to thank everyone who came out on Thursday night and donated.  We all had a great time and it was nice to meet some new friends along the way.  We hope you enjoyed viewing our fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars parked outside Underground as well.  Please visit the website at if you have any questions about renting an exotic luxury car here in Chicago. 

Click here to see a full video of our wild Imagine Lifestyles Chicago Launch Party

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