Ridin’ Dirty: Iverson’s Lamborghini Impounded for Expired Tags in Atlanta

Iverson Lamborghini Impounded

TMZ coverage of Iverson’s Incident

Driving a flashy exotic sports car like a Lamborghini can apparently have a downside, as former NBA star Allen Iverson discovered recently in Atlanta!  Iverson was pulled over in his silver 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago for improper lane change and expired dealer tags.  Don’t worry, all of our Lamborghini rentals Miami and Los Angeles Lamborghini rental cars have current tags, so next time you rent you will not have this happen…although obeying traffic laws is on you.


Allen Iverson

According to reports, a patrol officer in Buckhead pulled Iverson over for switching lanes without signaling, and then discovered that the dealer tags on the Lamborghini had expired in 2009.  Unbelievably, the officer decided to have the luxury sports car impounded.  Ouch!  This is not something I would want to happen to any of our exotic sports car rentals, they must be stored properly and meticulously maintained.

Iverson was pulled over in a hotel parking lot in the 3200 block of Peachtree Road in Atlanta, Georgia.  After the incident, Iverson climbed into another luxury car, a Rolls-Royce driven by friends who had been following him.  Hey, at least he didn’t have to make any embarrassing calls…

Allen Iverson


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