Gold Coated Infiniti G-37 Towed in China

Infinity G-37 Gold

Gold Infinity G-37

Recently I shared the story of Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini Murcielago being towed for an expired tag, now it seems that another luxury car with improper tags has been towed, this time in China.  A unique gold-coated Infiniti G-37 pulled a fast one and turned quite a few heads, and ended up on the bed of a tow truck! This exotic car would be a perfect vehicle to add to a fleet of luxury rental cars


Infinity G-37 China

Infinity G-37 luxury car being towed

The shiny gold luxury car apparently pulled up to a crowded curb in Nanjing, China, where a man and well-heeled woman emerged and stood silently as onlookers grew.  The crowd attracted police attention, who initially issued the pair with a fine, and then noticed that the golden luxury car lacked a license plate. 

Infinity G-37

Custom red leather interior

With the Chinese luxury car market literally on fire, the police were apparently not impressed by the exotic glittering vision in gold, and had the vehicle towed as they would any standard car in violation of the law.

The odd couple simply stood in silence even as the golden Infinity G-37 disappeared from sight, leading many to wonder if it were merely a publicity stunt (the custom gold coating was a product of a nearby auto shop).  Bizzare exotic cars and their eccentric owners, I can never get enough!

Infinity G-37 towed

I can see this one of a kind car starring in its own movie or added to a fleet of Los Angeles exotic car rentals.  Don’t miss our fleet of exotic rental cars Miami and more on your way out!






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