Jay Leno Dishes on Buying His McLaren

Jay Leno is known for his extensive, impressive, and well-maintained celebrity luxury car collection (follow link for more info on Jay’s cars along with the top 5 celebrity car collections listed there).  Recently he has spilled about his McLaren purchase:

Anything McLaren builds, I like,” Leno stated.  “I’ve got one of the original McLaren F1s, so I was anxious to place my order for an MP4-12C, the latest supercar out of Woking.”

Jay Leno McLaren

Jay Leno at McLaren

Leno outlined how easy it was to purchase from McLaren, and commended them on their level of honesty.  He was able to save some money on things like carbon fiber trim that the representatives informed him were unnecessary for his intended use.  This is unbelievably rare business practice for an exotic car sales staff, which are generally trained to sell the most expensive trimmings available.

Leno likes the understated appearance of the MP4-12C, describing it in the following manner:
“To me it’s a bit like the bookish woman who takes her glasses off and lets her hair down and you realize she’s stunningly attractive.” 

Sexy librarian

He also said, “Some reviewer said the MP4-12C could be mistaken for a Lotus. Anyone who makes that mistake is not a car person.”

Jay Leno McLaren MP4-12C

Jay Leno contemplates McLaren MP4-12C

Leno stated that he is pleased to see McLaren poised to compete with the likes of Ferrari, calling the F1 a ‘pet project’.  He explained,
“I think the MP4-12C will be much easier to own than the F1. That’s part of the idea behind the car. The F1 was a pet project, a bunch of guys doing it piecemeal on the side. There’s an old joke about the British that goes, “They can make one of anything. But when you say, ‘This is fantastic! I need two more!’ they say, ‘F–k.’”

Jay Leno McLaren F1

Jay Leno McLaren F1

Leno also said he sees many Ferrari drivers valet their supercars at Beverly Hills restaurants, and adds that a McLaren owner would never hands their keys to ‘some kid’.  There is nothing like a celebrity car collector with a sense of humor!  We luff you, Jay!

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