Check Out Elin Nordegren’s $12 Million Dollar Tiger Den!

The hottie ex-wife of the formerly-flawless Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren, has invested in a substantial $12 million dollar North Palm Beach tiger den.  Just ten miles from Tiger’s new home, the 17,178 square-foot (plus a 4,700 sq-ft basement!) waterfront home is a stunner…sort of like Tiger’s high-profile personal life! 

Elin’s sprawling estate is roughly twice the size of Tiger’s new 9,700 square foot dwelling, located just down the street from in Jupiter Island, though Tiger’s pad reportedly set him back a cool $54.5 million.

Elin Nordegren's $12 Million Dollar Miami Beach House

Elin Nordegren’s $12 Million dollar Miami beach house

Tiger Woods Beach House

Tiger’s new $50 million dollar beach bachelor pad includes a golf course, of course!

I suppose that $100 million divorce settlement helped her settle into her new digs comfortably! Elin has always emitted a sense of style and class, save that one little incident with a 9-iron (who hasn’t done that?).  Follow link to find out the Top 5 cars Tiger would have been better protected in!  One of our large luxury SUV rentals, perhaps?

Elin Nordegren in a bikini

Elin Nordegren in a bikini…a sight her new neighbors must be used to!

Elin Nordegren's $2 million-dollar Sweden Mansion

The $2 million dollar Faglaro Mansion in Sweden owned by Elin is significantly less showy and could be confused for a simple farm



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